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Soaked in Piss
Soaked in Piss

The Original
Bad Boys of Grind

We are the birth of Simulacrum Grind.

Soaked in Piss was born in the bowels of Craigslist ad. It sounds like the beginning of a porno, but it’s not, it’s our fucking history.

Soaked in Piss is a two-piece grind outfit from New Jersey and Long Island.

Every grind unit demands a man who understands the mental aspect of racial holy war, who understands the Kantian transcendental deduction, who understands that it is necessary to rip out someone’s stomach and consume their intestines like one would dine on the finest Bavarian cooking. JS was a poet warrior. He read Dostoyevsky. He read Hegel. He mutilated Charles Davenport in a bar fight in 91 in a desolate Houston suburb.

Dirty Dunbar was a man set out to devour the technocratic empire by any means necessary. When you look in Dirty Dunbar’s eyes you see the finest hue of summer light and the apocalyptic nuclear holocaust simultaneously. Not much else is known about the man only known as Dirty Dunbar.

"...The Simulacrum is never that which conceals the truth - it is the turth which conceals that there is none."


Postmodern aesthetics has come to be recognized as a slient feature of much popular culture and art.

Within restraints found in geodeisc metropolis culture, the urban subcultures is parapatric speciation that may have inherent inclinations toward postmodern aeasthetics, while at the same time retaining ties to modern and even pre-modern cultural and identity discourses. The syncretic popular music created by such subcultures may reflect these multiple cultural orientations by combining postmodern and more traditional characteristics.

Soaked in Piss is a pretentious rootless musical ideology. We are a copy of a copy that does not exist.

• Create a dialogue

• Challenges how the art community has turned into an industry. Commercialization of aesthetics to sell products and politics, that spoonfeed images into our brains. The commercialization and bastardization of the image an sound must be challenged.

• Question the conventional boundaries between the rational and irrational

• Create what you want, be yourself, you have a voice and a purpose

• Simulacra is dominant in pop-culture, replacing the original concept of identity

If you have a message and a purpose, use any medium you can to create.

Art is Freedom. Have a Purpose and Create.

We love a lot of things


We come off as misanthropic nihilists, and we are!

But we still have interests. Mental health being one of our biggest. Post-modern identity and living in a world full of simulation being another!


  • Discordance Axis (Band)
  • Brutal Blues (Band)
  • Human Remains (Band)
  • Burton Green (Musician)
  • Situationist International (Group)
  • Stan Brakhage (Filmmaker)
Mental Health
Social Justice
  • End the Stigma (Movement)
  • Black Lives Matter (Movement)
  • Eraserhead (David Lynch)
  • Pinetone (Guitar Cabinets)
  • Jean Baudrillard (Simulacra & Simulations)
  • Mark Fisher (Capitalist Realism)
  • Annie Friedberg (Window Shopping)
  • House of Leaves (Mark Z. Danielzewski)

Soaked in Piss

We are two dudes, with sweet attitudes


Dunny Bunny

A conceptual multimedia artist with cognitive distortions that make your loins melt.


Lord Lion Frenzy

A highly functioning dysfuntional misanthrope, who has high hopes for humanity.


Macbook Pro

Moody, stubborn and irrational. With a reputation that is known to be hard to work with.